She Who Dares

"Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?" - Amelia Earhart


Bursting with energy and fuelled by an unending love affair with playing against gravity, Off The Wall explores the idea of what sparks us to dare.

Following the narrative of some of women’s most daring personal achievements in history, Off The Wall will delve into the human capacity for challenge and the spirit of resilience, celebrating human courage.

Using our own experiences as well as digging deep into why these women have chosen to achieve their feats, we will explore the internal and external spark of determination that drives them.

Expect an explosive vertical dance, aerial and movement display designed with heart and humour performed on, in and amongst our own transportable, extraordinary and unique 3D set.

She Who Dares includes an array of aerial, dance and theatre that will make you laugh, hold your breath, leave you inspired, and raring to go out and test your own spirit of adventure.


photo: Steve Tanner


photo: Dan Martin


photo: Steve Tanner


Charlotte Luke, Becky Miles & Grace Sellwood



Co-choreographer: Jade Dunbar

Rigging: James Arscott & Stu Stephens
Wall Build: James Arscott & Stu Stephens

Costume & Set Dressing: Fiona Chivers

Lighting Design: James Loudon

Operations Manager: Natalie Fletcher

Researcher: Rosie Enys

Photography: Steve Tanner & Dan Martin

Videography: Ian Kingsnorth & Dan Martin

photo: Steve Tanner


photo: Steve Tanner


To book the show She Who Dares, please contact Natalie Fletcher via our contact email.

Workshops and Intensives on our 3D set also available based on our show themes.

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