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Jade Dunbar

Jade Dunbar was born into a circus family and has worked with many circus theatre groups including the acclaimed Cirque Bijou, Threesixtyº and Tao Productions as well as at events across the UK, Europe, India and the Middle East. Having run the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival since 1995, she specialises in new work and commissions; her talent for discovering and nurturing new work has since become recognised as The Glastonbury Arts Commission award for new programming.

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Vector Rope Access

Run by Waldo Etherington & Johnny Hunt, Vector Rope Access UK Ltd is a specialist rope safety and access company dedicated to delivering a high quality, innovative and friendly service to projects involving working at height. With a background in high profile rigging jobs for the television and film industry, large scale geotechnical cliff stabilisation projects in high profile areas and rope safety for remote location expeditions; we have a wealth of experience in completing extremely challenging work in a variety of environments.

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Steve Jones

Steve's Bio is coming soon!

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Becky Miles


There are certain things in life I believe we were all born to do- I always believe mine was to dance and since encountering and performing vertical Dance in 2016, I now firmly believe that I was also born to fly.

My love for Dance and Aerial performance has given me the opportunity to work professionally within many different dancing landscapes- amidst trees, on walls, harbours, towers and in shopping malls. I have also taught and worked with hundreds of young people and spread my skills, knowledge, joy and love for movement by delivered dance in schools, community centres and private dance schools.  

My love for adventure and being upside down has lead me to other aerial art forms and I currently teach at Aerial Allsorts, coaching young people for aerial Competitions as well as teaching regular aerial sessions at Italia Conti plymouth. I am always looking to expand my practice and have completed instructor training in both aerial hoop and aerial sling.


I have had the privilege of coming up against and breaking through lots of physical and mental barriers through exploring and continuing to practice within this creative world of aerial arts and my deepest hope is to create and perform work that speaks to the spirit and spark in everyone who believe that they also were born to fly in their own way.

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Charlotte Luke


My passion for vertical and aerial dance began 2 years ago when I worked with various companies including Yskynna Vertical Dance and The Man Engine. I had a plan to go to medical school but chose to follow a desire for the creative and a rebellion against what was expected of me. Since then I have performed on a variety of platforms such as Boomtown, Glastonbury, museums and trees, in a variety of challenging and interesting costumes and tackling my fear of heights along the way!! The crazier the performance the more I want to do it.

Last year I trained and worked with Mark Morris Dance in New York, Victoria Fox- Markiewicz TRIBE// in Brighton, Iftach Vardi in London as well as choreographing a new duet about my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the creation of a new solo by Grace Sellwood. I have recently finished training with Kate Lawrence (KLVD) and Lindsey Butcher (Gravity and Levity) on the Atlantic Big Wall project in Portugal, working on super long ropes with 7 seconds of air time is one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt.

I am extremely excited about collaborating with Becky and Grace on this new project! 

I'm learning Spanish, I know how to say my cat is big. I’m hoping this will help when I travel the world with my harness and some will power, maybe next time I see you I’ll know a few more words!

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Grace Sellwood


Grace entered the world with a bounce and has never stopped. Nicknamed Tigger in Primary School she spent most of her childhood climbing rocks, trees and pretty much anything she could find. Continuing her love for risk-taking she went on to train and enter a career as a contemporary dancer to help harness some of her energy, now performing & teaching (AL at Falmouth University/ Artistic Director of Freefall Dance) - focussing on athletic floor work, and a love for Flying-Low Technique.

Seeking the sensation of adrenaline, she turned her attentions to Bungee-Assisted Dance after attending a workshop with Wired Aerial Theatre, and soon after Vertical Dance.

She regularly performs with Wired Aerial Theatre in productions ‘As The World Tipped’ & ‘To Me To You’ touring Nationally & Internationally from Chile through to Australia.

She has also worked for Yskynna Vertical Dance, being involved with numerous productions and multiple festival events including Boomtown Fair & Glastonbury Festival.

She has danced on the glass walls of hotels, dockyards, cliff faces, 30m high festival stages, as well as puppeteering for Man Engine & zip lining over 10,000 people spewing fireworks from her feet. Grace is also a fully qualified Aerial Pilates instructor (Air Control Pilates), after teaching Pilates matwork for the past 8 years, and a Master Trainer For Bungee Workout TM.

Grace is a yes person, dreaming big and aiming for the stars - probably attached to a rope and in a harness!


James Arscott/ RARR

Born in Cornwall and finishing his education in Marine Engineering at Falmouth Marine School in 2005, he has worked in programming, civil engineering and started rope access in 2011. He left Cornwall in search for different work in 2011, and has since been working across the country on various rope access projects, including famous landmarks across the country and the 2012 Olympics. He set up RARR Ltd in 2014 working on smaller projects including working as a rigger at Glastonbury and Boomtown festivals, he was the Production Manager for the UK tour of The Man Engine, and has bought RARR Ltd into
exciting new projects across the UK and Ireland.